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If you are accused of criminal charges or require other legal services you don't have to be alone. Sallaz and Gatewood experienced Boise attorneys and aggressive Idaho lawyers, have over five decades of courtroom expertise ranging from criminal defense to family law.

Criminal Law Defense Attorneys - Drug Charges - DUI - Sex Crimes
Being charged for any criminal offense could ruin your reputation in the Treasure Valley and have a lasting impact on your career and family. A strong lawyer, even in less serious crimes, can have a lasting impact on the outcome of the trial.

Sallaz and Gatewood understand that protecting your rights and the presumption of innocence during the trial process is important. Pre-trial investigations, private detectives, and interviews with involving parties are all part of the process of providing you with the most complete criminal defense possible. Our Boise attorneys negotiate with prosecutors on behalf of our accused clients to assure the shortest sentence possible and the least impact on our client's life.

Idaho Family Law Attorneys - Boise Divorce Lawyers - Child Custody and Child Support
The legal system is a vast, frightening area for most people with a simple mistake having the potential to cause great harm to you and your family for many years to come. If you require family law services then contact the experienced Boise attorneys at Sallaz and Gatewood. With over 30 years of legal expertise in the field of family law, our Idaho lawyers can help you in a number of areas such as divorce, child adoption, child support, and Child custody.

Sallaz and Gatewood attorneys understand that this is a trying time for you and your family. By providing sound advice, thoughtful insight, and one-on-one guidance, which can help you make legal decisions that are the best for you and your family.

Boise Personal Injury Attorneys - Idaho Lawyers Injury Litigatigators
The Boise personal injury attorneys and Idaho Lawyers at Sallaz and Gatewood work diligently to provide a quick claim for your injury case. Any delay in claiming an injury could result in the loss of rights and the loss of obtaining what is yours. Sallaz and Gatewood are skilled litigators and aggressive when it comes to personal injury settlements. The initial consultation on all personal injury suits is free. If a settlement cannot be reached, litigation services are provided.

Sallaz and Gatewood Law Offices, PLLCSallaz and Gatewood Law Offices, PLLC Sallaz and Gatewood Law Offices have experienced Boise attorneys, aggressive Idaho criminal lawyers and trained paralegals providing large scope of legal services. Whether you are...