Families and loved ones need to know that autism is treatable, but you need to act. Understanding the different treatments that are available to you and to find those treatments locally is currently very difficult. Idaho Autism can now be your information resource.

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Autism Awareness - Autism Idaho
Idaho Autism (IA) is a resource guide with a purpose. Our hope in creating this website is to help families find the resources they need to help their loved ones suffering with autism. Everyone deserves the opportunity to know about the latest, best treatment and services that are available to them.

Autism Spectrum Symptoms - Autism Idaho
Behaviorally, a child may appear to be in his or her own world, oblivious to people and things. Often, those affected are unable to cope with change: a minor change in routine may cause a day long "melt-down". Many other symptoms are associated with Autism Spectrum Syndrome. IdahoAutism can be your resource in directing your efforts to help your child.

Idaho Resources - Treating Autism Spectrum
There are effective treatments, but unfortunately, no cures exist. Treatments include intensive behavioral intervention, speech and occupational therapy, biomedical and/or nutritional intervention and a number of complimentary therapies. Please, always consult a professional, certified and independent consultant before engaging in any alternative treatments. Idaho Autism has been developed to help you in your treatment strategies.

Autism Spectrum Activities
Horseback riding, swimming, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Karate, computers, crafts, archery and tons of other activities are available for our kids. Summer camps are great for learning and being active. Idaho Autism offers resources for planning the most relevant activities for your Autism child or children.

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