At Boise Air Duct Cleaning, not only can we provide efficient HVAC cleaning for your home or office, but we use the number one residential rated equipment.

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What's In Dirty Air Ducts? - You'd be Surprised!
On average, a 1500 square foot home produces forty pounds of dust each year. Dust within a home is comprised of mold spores, pollens, dust mites, bacteria, pet hair and dander. The home can also contain harmful toxic materials such as chromium, mercury, and pesticides. At Boise Air Duct Cleaning, we think of your home as being similar to your body's respiratory system. We can help clean away pollutants naturally generated within a home that build up within the air ducts system through routine cleaning.

Air Duct Cleaning - Power Brushing and Vacuuming
Boise Air Duct Cleaning brushes remove the contaminates from the sides of each duct and vacuum the debris with a self-contained HEPA filter. Free sanitization of the system with an environmentally safe sanitizer leaves your air ducts clean and the air within your home healthy. Dryer vent and motor cleaning is also offered.

Benefits of Clean Air Ducts
Reduce dust, bacteria, fungus, toxins and allergens in your home to improve your air quality. A clean HVAC system runs more efficiently which results in lower energy bills, maintenance, repairs and increases the life of your HVAC system. Your new home may not be as clean as you think. During construction, your air duct system is open, allowing wood shavings, drywall dust and particles, bugs, dirt, dust and carpet fibers to settle or be swept into your system. Cleaning your air duct system can remove these contaminates.