Chrysalis Women's Transitional Living was founded in Boise, ID, by Marsha Tennyson in 2001. Entirely through private funding, Chrysalis has three homes and 24 beds.

Chrysalis Women's Transitional Living
PO Box 7494
Boise, Idaho 83707


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The Chrysalis Homes Program for Women
The Chrysalis homes program seeks to provide women with a "chrysalis" experience. A chrysalis is defined as a cocoon to protect someone who is still developing.

The Chrysalis program provides women with:
A Stable Home Environment
A Nightly Dinner
Job and Life Skills Training
Volunteer Mentors
Celebrations for Birthdays and Holidays
Structure, Accountability, Support and Safety

There is no time restriction for the women who stay at Chrysalis. It takes a long time to change one's life.

The Vision for Women Wanting a Positive Life Change
At Chrysalis Transitional Living, we believe each person is created as a unique and valuable individual. Therefore, our mission is to present an opportunity for life change by instilling purpose and vision to women whose lives have become unmanageable. Chrysalis provides a safe environment so women can build right relationships--with God, self, and others--through transitional living, life recovery skills, case management, spiritual growth, and education.
Chrysalis works closely with probation officers, drug court counselors, social workers, vocational rehabilitation, churches, and civic organizations in the community. And because the women at Chrysalis are living in a safe environment, they are able to access the many resources in the community that help them with job placement and training, recovery groups and classes.

Donations to Chrysalis Women's Transitional Living
An Idaho non-profit, tax deductible transitional recovery program empowering women released from prison towards positive life change needs your donations.
Donate knowing that you are helping to maintain a safe home for women in Boise and the Treasure Valley.
Many of these women are released from prison without any help but desperately seeking a positive life change.
Please help us provide this safe home for these women as we create another opportunity to change their lives and re-unite then to their families.

Chrysalis provides women a safe stable environment, support, recovery program, and life skills, in order to have the tools necessary to change their lives. Please consider how you could help.