This is a novice league and many of our Boise Y swimmers started their careers with summer league experiences.
The league is sponsored by the Boise Recreation Department, and the Y Summer team competes with other area summer teams from the different...

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Several years ago, parents of the Boise Y Swim Team were instrumental in organizing high school competition (grade 9-12) in the state of Idaho.
It is a "Club" sport at the participating high schools, but the swimmers can earn a sport letter.
Today, over 500 swimmers in Idaho represent their respective high schools and we encourage all eligible swimmers to swim for their schools.
Swimmers from the Boise YMCA Swim Team represent eight different high schools in then Treasure Valley!
High school swimmers have weekly dual meet competitions followed by a District Meet and then the Idaho State Championships.

For your high school's specific information, call the school and find out who are the faculty advisor, team parent coordinator and coach. They can give you details.