Brown Mackie College - Boise, Idaho offers business degree programs designed for students to pursue entry-level opportunities in the business world with proper business knowledge and strategies. Brown Mackie College, Boise, Idaho is a part of the Brown Mackie College system of schools.

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Business Degree Programs
The business degree programs at Brown Mackie College - Boise, Idaho are designed around the skills necessary for students to pursue entry-level opportunities in the world of business. These programs include business practices and principles, technical business procedures, and business computer applications.

Accounting Diploma Program
The Brown Mackie College - Boise, Idaho Accounting Diploma Program provides students accounting courses in basic accounting concepts, process procedures, fundamental principles, and organizing financial documents. Other skills taught include computerized accounting systems and computer training in problem solving accounting problems. Upon graduating, the student can apply their skills in maintaining payroll records procedures, preparation of required federal, state, and local payroll tax reports in the business world.

Associate's Degree - Business Management
The Business Management degree program at Brown Mackie College in Boise, Idaho is an associate's degree program that prepares students pursuing a career into the existing world of business management. The program can also provide present business managers new skill sets required by employers for promotion to a higher level of employment compensation. The business management degree coursework involves business management principles, current technical procedures, computer operations, and general educational business training. The Business Management degree program can provide the graduate the skills to implement administrative procedures, business marketing campaigns, personnel administration, financial management and fiscal planning.

Bachelor's Degree - Business Administration
The Business Administration degree program at Brown Mackie College - Boise, Idaho is a bachelor's degree program combining business management courses and specialized classes intended to organize the student to produce profits within the evolving world of business. In addition, the student is also trained to develop their interpersonal and professional skills for a prospective career as a business manager. The Business Administration degree program offers students courses in accounting theories, sales processes, advertising, network marketing, human resources, and personnel training to name a few.

Business Degree Programs

  • Business Diploma
  • Diploma - Accounting
  • Associate's Degree - Office Management
  • Associate's Degree - Business Management
  • Accounting Technology - Associate's Degree
  • Bachelor's Degree - Business Administration