Boise courier deliveries can provide you with Boise airport deliveries and pickup services. Their cargo and delivery services include warehousing and redistribution and repackaging services that include professional inventory management.

Fleetstreet Couriers and Cargo
218 West 36th Street
Boise, Idaho 83714


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Boise Courier Delivery and Cargo Services
Since 1994, Fleetstreet Couriers and Cargo has been the courier freight shipping service of choice in the inland northwest. You can depend on their rapid delivery service 24-hours a day 7 days per week to handle any job. Their online order placement and tracking system will keep you abreast of your shipment. All shipments are tracked every step of the way.

Time Sensitive "HotShot" Courier Service
We offer non-rail immediate need deliveries commonly referred to as hot shot deliveries. This type of courier service is reserved for time sensitive items in fields such as medical, healthcare, and technology. You can count on speedy direct delivery with a dedicated carrier.

Boise Warehousing and Redistribution Services
Fleetstreet offers one of the most affordable warehousing and redistribution solutions in the Northwest and in the Treasure Valley, Idaho. Their secure warehousing facilities can receive, manage inventory, report, and redistribute your products for your business.

  • Security Monitored Facility
  • Professional Inventory Management
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Warehouse Redistribution Services
  • Repackaging Services

Expedite your Deliveries with Rapid Delivery
Fleetstreet Couriers and Cargo can pick up and receive, manage inventory, online reporting, and redistribute your products throughout the Boise Metro area. Their rapid delivery services can get the delivery of your shipment to their destinations in a timely fashion. They can handle pallets of cargo to even small packages in an efficient and timely manner.

Product Delivery Distribution

  • Online Reporting
  • Product Redistribution
  • Inventory Management
  • Affordable Warehousing
  • HotShot Courier Service
  • Airport Pickup - Delivery
  • Cargo Pickup and Receive
  • Same Day - Priority Services
  • Scheduled Routing and Shipping