Indulge yourself at our convenient downtown Boise Day Spa and experience Graeber and Company: beauty salon culture, elevated fashion, and gracious living. We are an AVEDA Salon with fashionable health, styling beauty, and our Boise day spa amenities.

Graeber and Company
350 N 9th St Ste 103
Boise, Idaho 83702


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Downtown Boise AVEDA Day Spa - Hair Salon
At Graeber and Company, we provide premier quality hair salon services such as fashionable hairstyles, permanent waves, vibrant highlighting hair colour treatments, along with day spa amenities that enhances your hair cut and style experience in downtown Boise.
Graeber and Company hair design and style services are tailored for both men and women with each performed by professional hair stylists that provide a relaxing, stress relief scalp massage using Aveda oils.
In addition to hair care and Aveda styling services, Graeber and Company also utilizes Aveda products to nourish and condition your hair and scalp by restoring damaged hair to a healthy shine with natural luster. You can schedule after hours appointments and wedding updos for the bride and entire bridal party.

Aveda Day Spa Amenities in Boise
Many of our downtown Spa services include an Aveda Sensory Journey. We assist guests in selecting aromas that will balance the mind, body and spirit by passing various essential oils under the nose. "The natural chemical components of pure plant and flower essences, when inhaled, create physical and emotional changes."

Experience Convenient Downtown Boise Day Spa Services
Luxury day spa services include:

Nail Care
Nail care specialists provide luxurious services that enhance nail aesthetics while offering therapeutic healing. We employ Aveda Natural Nail Care treatments which focus on the health and beauty of nails and offer chemical-free alternatives to strong and beautiful nails.

Skin Care
Our Spa Facials will enhance your natural beauty by nourishing, toning and improving the color and texture of your complexion. These luxurious treatments will provide your skin with health, radiance and reduce signs of aging. Choose one of the world class facial treatments we offer- each one is a combination of proven techniques and the finest natural ingredients from Aveda.

Body Care
Body Care is the natural next-step in skin care beyond face specific treatments. Polish and purify your skin while bringing health and rejuvenation to your entire body and your mind.

Massage is a powerful way to reduce stress and bring health and relaxation to your everyday life. Our licensed therapists have over 30 years combined experience in massage therapy and have traveled throughout the world to study massage techniques and body dynamics. Their personalized approach utilizes Aveda Signature Massage Therapy to provide you with a massage experience that is customized with your selection of Aveda Aromatherapy essential oils so all your senses are engaged and balance is restored to body and spirit.

Waxing and Tinting
Graeber and Company downtown offers a body hair removal experience that is a refreshing alternative to shaving with longer-lasting results. 100% natural resin wax along with sun bleached beeswax melt at a low temperature for greater comfort by not irritating the skin. For the best results, we recommend the pleasure of Aveda soothing plant and flower based products before and after to minimize any sensitivities. Hair removal services are done in private rooms in relaxing spa environments to assure your comfort and privacy. Consultations are highly recommended for full body hair removal services.

Downtown Boise Aveda Salon

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