Mirage retractable screens will make conventional door screens a thing of the past. The unique design allows the screens to retract and be virtually out of sight when not in use. Customized Installations - Residential and Commercial Properties.

Mirage Screen Doors
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Steel Storm Doors - Laser Engraved - Decorative
Mirage now offers steel storm doors and screen doors. Laser engraved wood screen doors in a wildlife collection are also available. Our doors can be decorated with numerous options of hinges, pulls including our unique elk horn handles.

Vanishing Screen Systems - Residential - Commercial
Mirage Vanishing Screen Doors come in a variety of screen systems, colors, sizes, and accessories you can choose to enhance the look and feel of your screen system choice. Commercial custom units are also available for offices, retail stores, or commercial real estate properties. At Mirage Idaho, our authorized screen systems installers are trained to make certain the quality finished product with a professional installation provides you the benefits of comfort and style.

Motorized Screen Systems
At Mirage Idaho, we can install a motorized screen door system which will add value and beauty to your Boise home or Treasure Valley office. Not only is there aesthetic appeal but the benefits provide shade, protection against bugs, increased cross ventilation, and you still get to keep your picture window views. The Mirage Motorized Screen Systems provides the same benefits as the retractable screen doors but you get remote control access.

Oversized Doorways - Motorized Screen Systems
The Mirage Motorized Screen Door Systems is for larger openings than the original Mirage Retractable Screen System - as wide as 25 feet and as high as 16 feet in a single unit, or as small as 3 feet by 3 feet. All of our units come with the latest in remote control motors. No unsightly control boxes to mount, all the controls are in the motor.

Screen Door Installations

  • Steel Storm Doors
  • Residential Installations
  • Commercial Installations
  • Retractable Screen Doors
  • Motorized Screen Systems
  • Decorative Laser Engraved Screen Doors