Giraffe Laugh is a private, non-profit, childcare center and preschool dedicated to promoting the well being of children through high quality childcare and parent education.

Giraffe Laugh Child Care Center
901 Resseguie St.
Boise, Idaho 83702


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Giraffe Laugh's Values
Giraffe Laugh values building respect while providing the best place possible for the children and families we serve. We also strive to instill responsibility, excellence, stability, pride, education, caring and teamwork in the children we care for.

Giraffe Laugh welcomes children of all abilities and incomes, 6 weeks old to six years old who are fully immunized.

Infants and Toddlers:
Our ratio of adults to children is 1:4 until the babies are toddlers. We encourage parents to visit or drop-in to breast feed and we support parents as they transition from home to a work or school environment.

Older Toddlers:
Our 2-3 year old group begins focusing on expanding social skills, combined with a variety of experiences to expand their horizons. Potty training is a part of this process in a supportive environment. Personal attention to the needs of an older toddler, coupled with an age appropriate curriculum makes for a winning combination.

The Preschool Room:
One thing you won't find in our school is a television running throughout the day. What you will find is children engaged in child-oriented adventures that are appropriate for their age. Our wish for children is that they are able to enjoy new toys, new friends and new learning situations while they discover the wonders of our world, both inside the center and outside. Children will also gain the skills necessary for success in kindergarten.

Our once per month "Movie Day" seems more than enough to satisfy their desire to watch T.V.

Childcare for parents is provided on a full-time, part-time or drop-in basis, regardless of a family's ability to pay for the care. Scholarships are available for families in need.

Fees are based on your income, the age of your child and on their schedule. Children on the Idaho Child Care Program are welcome.

Hours of operation: 7:30- 5:30, Monday through Friday.

Meals and snacks:
Two healthy and ample snacks served daily. Parents provide lunches.

Giraffe Laugh Child Care Center and Preschool for Idaho kids!