Visit the Stereo Shoppe's high quality audio video media rooms, experience home electronics' like HDTV, home theater systems, and surround sound stereo products. The Stereo Shoppe also has professional home wiring and audio video distribution services.

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The Stereo Shoppe
High End Quality Home Theater Technologies and Digital Audio Distinction

Idaho High End Audio Video - Home Entertainment Electronics
The Stereo Shoppe is the oldest audio and video electronics store in Idaho still providing the newest technology in high end quality audio video and home entertainment products. Our professionally trained home entertainment consultants can advise you on setting up media rooms, home theater design, and each one will be passionate about fulfilling your home entertainment needs.

Idaho High Definition Televisions - HDTV
HDTV is simply the highest of all the DTV standards providing superior resolution and digital surround sound. HDTV standards are the top tier of all the digital signals and many broadcasters are using digital and high-definition signals. At The Stereo Shoppe, we understand High Definition Televisions and how it can give you that sense of being part of the movies you watch or enhancing other home entertainment programming. Stop into our showroom in Boise and let one of our HDTV experts help you find the right High Definition Television system for you.

Home Theater Designs - Surround Sound - Media Rooms
At The Stereo Shoppe, our home theater design consultants can help you choose your home theater system, multi-room audio or media rooms.
You can be sure they know how to bring out the best in todays highly sophisticated home entertainment systems for your home's unique needs.
Once you have picked out a multi media room package for your home or a new HDTV with surround sound, you can be assured that the audio and video distribution installation will be professionally installed making the home wiring process of your new home electronic equipment a breeze.
The Stereo Shoppe has a trained and certified installation crew that can set up and calibrate any home theater systems or entertainment center sold at our showroom.

Come in and experience what the Stereo Shoppe has to offer.

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