We can help you get the information you need quickly by delivering the highest quality product in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Whether it involves a real estate transaction, a new development, setting up, or settling an estate or acquiring information about easements and right of way, we are ready to assist you by providing the information your business needs.

Land Records Research
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Researching Land Records at Lands Records Research
Lands Records Research Company is committed to serving clients with land records research and retrieval services. Our land records researching company specializes in researching and retrieving records of:

Current Ownership and Property History
Land Use History
Oil and Gas Title Research and Leasing
Easements and Rights of Way
Mineral, Timber, and Water Right Searches
Federal and State Mineral and Mining Claim Searches
300', 500', 1000' Property Radius Information
Civil Searches
Document Retrieval

If you are a developer, attorney, accountant, real estate professional, government agency, surveyor, builder, or environmental professional, we can provide the information you need to complete your business transactions. As a busy business owner, you have many responsibilities that take your time and can compromise your resources. Land Records Research Company has the expertise and problem solving skills you need to complete your project in a timely manner at a reasonable cost.

Reliable - Accurate Records Research - Retrieval Services
Land Records Research Company performs researching services from current ownership including property history records and document retrieval to UCC Filings or civil searches including state and federal tax lien searches. Other research services include land easements and rights of way or mineral and mining claim searches within federal or state records. We also research the mineral, timber and water rights of way as well as 300', 500', and 1000' property radius information. Our research into land use and property histories can help you make business decisions that are more informed or allow you the ability to contact current owners of records to help you in becoming the owner of the land you may want to purchase or use.