Whether you live in Idaho, travel, work, or play in our vast geographic region, the Life Flight Network membership can give you peace of mind in knowing that an experienced medical transport team can rapidly respond to your emergency medical needs.

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The Life Flight Network membership program helps to directly fund the Life Flight program so we can continue to transport critically ill newborns, pregnant mothers at risk, heart attack or stroke victims, and others who are critically ill or injured. In addition, by supporting the Life Flight membership program, you are extending support to local emergency service agencies in your community and helping to provide them with life-saving equipment, grants, or other critical support to continue to respond to local emergencies.

Life Flight Membership Details

We have a number of different membership options that covers you and your family. It's a great gift all year round.

Why Choose Life Flight Network?

When it comes to critical care transport services, there is no doubt that Life Flight has changed the response and delivery of critical care services throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain West region.

After flying over 20,000 missions and growing to claim over 100,000 square miles as our local service, Life Flight has earned respect as being the most skilled and progressive flight program in Idaho. Simply stated, for over 20 years, we have committed our lives to saving yours.

Our medical crew, pilots, and dispatchers make up a highly trained team with years of experience. They have developed an instinct and unmatched skill in locating and caring for the critically ill and injured. Whether you require medical transport from one hospital to another or are in a remote location, Life Flight will respond and transport you to the nearest, most appropriate hospital for care.

Our unparalleled commitment to bring you home safely, plus our use of state of the art technologies such as satellite tracking and night vision goggles to enhance wilderness rescues, makes us the number one medical transport team that agencies call for the most complicated missions.

Life Flight Network Services

  • Satellite Tracking
  • Night Vision Search
  • Life Flight Membership
  • Committed to Saving Lives
  • Rapid Air Ambulance Transport
  • Local Service 100000 Sq. Miles