Legacy Lending Group are professional Idaho mortgage loan brokers that provide Boise home loans, FHA, VA, and RD Loan Programs. Contact a qualified mortgage professional today and see what loan programs fit your budget and which best suits your needs.

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Idaho Mortgage Loan Brokers - Boise Home Loans
A home mortgage is the largest part of a home owner's monthly expense and requires professional assistance to gain the best loan solution and payment option. A popular misconception about a mortgage loan is that the lowest payment is the best value. The truth is the correct rate on the wrong loan can cost you far more. Contact a professional mortgage lender at Legacy Lending Group and analyze the complete cost of all options available and which lending option will help you achieve your financial goals.

Subsidized Government Mortgage Loans
A government loan is subsidized by the government. This allows borrowers to be offered lower interest rates and helps protect lenders against default payments. The purpose of this is to aid first-time home buyers or low income households in the purchase of a home.

Military Veterans Assistance - Home Financing
The VA Loan offers eligible American military veterans or their surviving spouses home financing. One of the benefits is the ability to obtain a mortgage with no down payment. Requirements are easier to meet compared to a conventional loan. For the active solider or the guard reserve, this may be an option for you.

Federal Housing Administration - Low Income Housing Loans
Compared to conventional loans, FHA loans are easier to qualify for and require a lower down payment but cannot exceed the statutory limit. Call our offices to speak to a consultant if you would like to learn more about FHA loans and their limits.

Boise Home Loans

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