Homestead Natural Foods believes in delivering superior tasting meats directly to Idaho restaurants and consumers. By using genetic stock animals that fatten with natural food sources free from growth hormones, antibiotics, and other chemicals, Homestead Natural is able to carefully manage the quality of their meats. The result is food that is not only better for you, but tastes better.

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Naturally Grass Fed Beef
Cows that are raised on a grass diet are much healthier than those raised with grain. Grass-fed cows produce beef that is higher in omega-3 fatty acids, which are responsible for brain function, growth, development, and contains more vitamin A and E. Beef that is grass-fed is also virtually devoid of the dangers from Mad Cow Disease. The result is a succulent beef product that tantalizes the palate and is healthier for your family.

Free Range Poultry - Eggs
Naturally raised poultry live a much less stressful life than those of their caged counterparts and are less prone to illness and cannibalism. Grass and grain fed poultry on a free range provide leaner meats, meaning less fat and a higher value of nutrients.

Chicken eggs also benefit from free-range raising. Chickens will lay their eggs more often and the eggs provide greater nutritional value with a fraction of the cholesterol and fat.

Naturally Raised - Pastured Pork
Pork that is raised naturally on pasture provides better nutrition than one from a CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operations). Health benefits include higher levels of vitamin E, increased levels of omega-3 fatty acids, and pastured pork is less likely to be contaminated with the E-coli bacteria. Pastured pork is also better for the environment and community. Manure is spread out along the large pasture, fertilizing the newly growing grass and helping prevent ground water contamination and odor.

Farm Fresh Products

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