Brown Mackie College - Boise, Idaho offers technology based programs needed for high tech and IT careers. Programs include information technology, architectural design degrees, Bio Science lab tech training, and drafting technology.

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High Tech Job Training - IT Career Programs
With computer degree programs at Brown Mackie College - Boise, Idaho, students learn the practical skills required to operate and maintain computers and other technological devices in various industries. With these courses, graduates become well-rounded and capable of advancing in both creative and technology-based environments.

Information Technology Associate of Science
The Information Technology (IT) degree program at Brown Mackie College - Boise, Idaho is an associate's degree program that offers students entry-level skills in business IT infrastructure, design systems technologies, and information systems development. The Brown Mackie College IT graduate will be prepared to pursue entry-level positions such as an information support specialist, help desk technician, or computer software trainer. The IT program in Boise includes general education classes, business education lesson plans, and technical courses designed to enable the graduate to effectively advance successfully within the fast paced information technology business management industry. This Information Technology degree program provides training courses dealing with computer programming languages, introduction to programming data structures, logical problem solving within a business environment, and fundamentals of Web-based software systems.

Bioscience Laboratory Technology Associate of Science
The Associate of Applied Science in Bioscience Laboratory Technology program at Brown Mackie College - Boise in Idaho can prepare graduates for employment as an entry-level lab technician, lab assistant, or research assistant. The student will conduct their course training in a range of laboratory settings and studies. These areas consist of biology, chemistry, and mathematics with applied laboratory skills courses applicable to the biotechnology industry.
Graduates of the associate's degree in Bioscience Laboratory Technology program will be capable in assisting scientists while conducting scientific experiments in support of biotechnology research and development for industry. Bioscience includes numerous significant fields of research on existing organisms and includes development of drugs and medical devices. Bioscience careers include criminal forensics, environmental science careers, and employment with agricultural biotechnology companies. Other employers in the Bioscience industry include federal agencies, state and local government agencies, professional healthcare organizations, research laboratories, pharmaceutical industries, biofuel energy companies, and manufacturing corporations.

Architectural Design | Drafting Technology Associate of Applied Science
The Architectural Design and Drafting Technology associate's degree program at Brown Mackie College - Boise, Idaho is focused to prepare students to pursue an entry-level career in computer-aided design (CAD) drafting operations. Students are given the opportunity to gain knowledge in the essentials of design and production technology. Classes are specialized with prominence on 3D visualization including building information modeling (BIM). Students will be able to learn the skills necessary to create engineering construction documents, editing and revising architectural plans. As a Brown Mackie College graduate of the Architectural Design and Drafting Technology program, graduates can pursue entry-level employment opportunities with architectural firms, engineering firms, manufacturing companies, construction contractors, fabricators, installers, and interior design firms.

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