With the Brown Mackie College - Boise, Idaho Veterinary program, students are given the education needed to become caring veterinarian professionals, providing knowledge, vet office procedures, and veterinary clinical skills.

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Veterinarian Career Programs | Vet Tech School
Veterinary technicians perform their work under the watchful eye of a trained veterinarian, often conducting tests and treating conditions in animals. At the end of the Brown Mackie College - Boise Veterinarian technology program, graduates will be capable of offering a wide range of clinical skills, from laboratory procedures to surgical assistance.

Veterinary Technology Associate of Applied Science
The Veterinary Technology degree program at Brown Mackie College - Boise in Idaho is a two-year program providing students the education to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. The graduate will be equipped with the comprehensive veterinarian skills essential to gain an entry-level employment to begin a rewarding career in the veterinary medical profession.

Veterinary Technology Associate's Degree
Graduates of the Brown Mackie College Veterinary Technology associate's degree program in Boise are enabled with the latest training and education to function within veterinary clinical settings including other veterinarian related fields. Skills include providing vet technician clinical proficiency, surgical assisting for a variety of domestic animals, veterinarian laboratory procedures, veterinary anesthesia administration and monitoring, animal patient care.

Veterinary Programs

  • Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology